In 2015, a group of Utrecht University Humanities Honours students conducted a project entitled ‘The New Utopians’ under the aegis of the Honours Research seminar. The students were Sophie Bijleveld, Idwer Boersma, Anne Marijn Damstra, Aster Hoving, Wouter Johan van Leeuwen, Solange Manche, David van Oeveren, and Tessel Janse, supervised by Dr Barnita Bagchi.

Here is the Mission Statement:
The New Utopians project engages in an interdisciplinary dialogue, in order to give a dynamic representation of Utopian thought through literature, cultural expressions, and examples of direct action that defy our current politico-economic and academic system. We are convinced that the Utopian is valuable in its complexity and should not be reduced to a single definition. Having in mind the previous vision, we are trying to establish a virtual platform on which different approaches to the subject can be published, commented upon and consulted.

Watch the two films made and read the essays written by the students in that project at

The material is in Dutch and in English.

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