The Huizinga Instituut Working Group on Utopia and Social Dreaming in Connected and Entangled Perspective has formally begun its activities. More on this group can found at: Werkgoep Utopia and Social Dreaming in Connected and Entangled Perspective, 1850 onwards, Europe, Asia and Beyond Our first session will discuss an article by a group member: “The […]

Project: ‘Transcultural Utopian Imagination and the Future: Tagore, Gandhi, and Indo-British Entanglements in the Early 1930s’ Dr. Barnita Bagchi teaches and researches Comparative Literature at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. She has been awarded a British Academy Visiting Fellowship to pursue a research project at the Ruskin Library and Research Centre for Culture, landscape, and […]

On Saturday March 31st, De Appel and Netwerk Aalst jointly presented SCI FI SESSIONS, a programme of presentations and brainstorm sessions at De Appel that aims to collectively think through alternative institutional futures in the face of a post-collapse society. The event was programmed in the context of Tamas Kaszas’ current solo exhibition presented both […]

Between February and April 2017, Leonie Brasser, Alice Lambert, Laurence Schaack and Martijn van Gils followed a masterclass with Barnita Bagchi as part of their RMA in Comparative Literary Studies. In this masterclass, the students explored how the transcultural plays out in speculative writing. Beginning with an overview of utopian studies, the students decided to […]

The utopian sense of breaking with utopian fantasy in the video game Herald Pim van den Berg In video games the sailing ship has almost always been a symbol of exploration, possibility, autonomy, freedom, wealth, and power and hegemony in the positive sense – until now. The video game Herald (2017), developed by the small […]